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Growing up north of Atlanta, Georgia, Cody Brookshire explored the creation of original music in rock bands, jam sessions, and 4-track experiments during my high school years, and a passion for it quickly developed.  After earning a bachelor's degree in guitar performance, he enrolled at the University of Georgia for graduate studies in music composition, earning a master's degree and now pursing a doctorate.  Alongside his studies, he is a teaching assistant and a technician in the electronic music facilities at UGA.  

Cody's music has been performed in America, England, and China at events and venues such as the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival at the Abrons Art Center, the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology Symposium in Connecticut, the Audiograft Festival of Contemporary Experimental Music and Sound Art in Oxford, England, the Guangzhou Grand Theater in China, and the Freedom on my Doorstep installation project at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum.  He has written music for and worked with So Percussion, the Athens Guitar Duo, the University of North Georgia String Orchestra, and pianist Joe Chapman.  Awards and distinctions include 1st place in the 2014 Southeastern Composers League Composition Competition with his guitar trio, Shrapnel, and he was a semi-finalist in the 2013 American Prize in Composition with Slumbers Kiss Your Golden Eyes for flute, viola, and harp.  Recently, two of his electronic compositions have been commercially released: Harmonic Meditation, No. 1 was selected to be on the 2014 SEAMUS Electroacoustic Miniatures album, and M3TA11UR6Y appears on the compilation album Sonic Flux released by the EMPiRES label.  

From the composer: "I am consistently inspired by the unseen and the mysterious, by the actions and emotions of searching and discovery, by the sciences and the surreal, and by the intersection of creation and chaos. My music is born out of a tangled nest of these notions or some tangent thereof, and with my work I seek to inspire others to appreciate the power and beauty in those abstractions."


For a current C.V. or résumé, please contact Cody.